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Linyi Holder Import & Export Co.,Ltd is located in Tancheng County , which is a place of a strategic importance and one of the earliest places of origin of straw and willow weaving in China .It has a long-standing history of weaving technique , broad and sufficient raw material .The soil here is white and smooth , and full of tenacity . Tancheng people have the technique of steaming wickers. The steamed wickers appears yellow and brown , of which , the products made are well received by customers. Linyi Holder Import & Export Co.,Ltd ,formerly the “ Tancheng Huangshan NO.2 willow and Straw products Factory” is one of the earliest factories in Tancheng, in order to suit the changeable market requirements of foreign family articles , important reform has been carried out in our factory First , straw and willow products factory ,which produced only singly product , is changed in Tongdali Arts & Factory which can produce comprehensive products . Now our factory welcomes vast customers to order our products with new techniques, timely delivery and favorable prices.... >>
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