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We are a fully integrated producer of sintered Nd2Fe14B magnets and assemblies thereof.
NdNd2Fe14B alloy design, development and production:  In addition to standard NdFeB alloys, we design alloys for grade improvement or for specific customer requirements, refining the alloy in our state-of-the-artpilot line before going into production.This capability gives us a degree of control of the magnetic alloy and properties which cannot be achieved when purchasing Nd2Fe14B material from the market. Further, we have been able to incorporate recycled rare earths into our alloys in a controlled manner.
Block making:  Likewise, our pressing and sintering our own blocks gives us further control of the magnetic and mechanical properties as opposed to those suppliers who purchase blocks from outside. We realize improved grain control by processing our own alloys through milling, pressing, sintering, and heat treating.To minimize slicing waste, we optimize the size of the base blocks for every finished part.
High precision wire slicing:  In many cases, we can achieve the needed tolerances without a secondary grinding or lapping operation.  For those parts with dimensional tolerances which can-not be met with precision wire slicing, we have double sided grinding and lapping capability.
Arcuate wire slicing: We have machines designed to make slices which are not simple, straight cuts.  These are used primarily for arcuate slicing of motor magnets.
Automated HRE Sputtering with GBD:  We developed and installed a state of the art, fully automated heavy rare earth sputtering line for controlled depositing of heavy rare earth metal onto magnet surfaces to provide the material for grain boundary diffusion.  We incorporated the use of recycled heavy rare earth into the development of this system.
Insert molding:  Our insert molding capabilities are unique among the producers of sintered Nd2Fe14B magnets.  With this technology, we can provide well protected, robust assemblies of magnets and components.






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