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Thinova Magnet Company Ltd. is a premier producer of sintered Nd2Fe14B magnets and assemblies thereof, operating in China, under a license from Hitachi Metals. We have been producing NdFeB magnets since 1988 and have been licensed since 2000. Our corporate offices are in Beijing, where we also have design and analysis capabilities. We have full production and analytical capability in our Hangzhou operations. Both locations are covered by our current Hitachi license agreement which allows supply of Nd2Fe14B magnets worldwide. We have local sales support and warehousing for the North American market located in Tennessee, USA.
• Design, develop, manufacture and sale of Sintered Nd2Fe14B under license from Hitachi Metals
• Design, develop, manufacture and sale of plastic insert-molded magnetic assemblies
• Design, develop, manufacture and sale of magnetic assemblies of Nd2Fe14B or other appropriate magnet materials
• Magnetic system design services to help optimize the performance/cost value equation
• Quality without shortcuts, service without limits
• Customer satisfaction is our standard, innovation leads development
• Dedication is our shared responsibility, our reward is trust
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