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The completion and acceptance of the intelligent magnetron sputtering linear motor permanent magnet grain boundary diffusion project

Date:2020-04-20 Source:original  Views:314
Recently, our Qiandaohu plant (Hangzhou Thinova Magnet Co.,Ltd) has filed the declaration of "Intelligent Magnetron Sputtering Linear Motor Permanent Magnet Grain Boundary Diffusion Project" through the acceptance of Chun’an local environmental assessment. The successful acceptance of this project fully reflects our adherence to the principle of "technology leads production, innovation leads development".  Through our continuous efforts, we have successively developed No Isostatic Process (NIP) and Grain Boundary Diffusion Process (GBD).
After years of technical accumulation and preparation, the NdFeB permanent magnet materials produced by our company are widely used in the fields of electronic consumer products, new energy vehicles, and energy-saving permanent magnet drive motors. Through the acceptance of this new production line, we can make mass production for exceptionally high property permanent magnets such as N54H, N52SH, N54SH, N52UH, N48EH, N45AH. With the mass production of high-performance Nd2Fe14B permanent magnets, our company has been encouraged to increase its investment in innovation, enhance its technical strength, and create greater economic and social benefits for society.
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