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The annual output of 100 tons of magnetic assembly devices passed the acceptance

Date:2019-12-25 Source:original  Views:321
Recently, our company's annual output of 100 tons of magnetic assembly device project has passed the environmental protection criteria. The acceptance of this new project will allow us to become a complete process technology manufacturer with the capability of making high-performance sintered NdFeB magnetic material, magnet applications, magnetic circuit design, precision processing, magnetic component assembly, and injection molding. At the same time, our company will realize the integrated production of magnet production (processing, plating, assembly,and injection molding) in the Hangzhou factory.
 Meanwhile, the production of ion-plated aluminum, copper-nickel and copper-tin alloy production lines has enabled our company to achieve full range of neodymium iron boron plating on the basis of traditional plating such as nickel plating and phosphating.
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