When litter meet with wicker basket
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When litter meet with wicker basket

For the life, we choose to love it; for the details of life, we need to carefully attend to what maybe lead many of us to be easily overwhelmed. Regarding life details, every little detail of latest acquisition that we set apart a special sum of money for new equipment, can give us things more wonderful than ever before. Thus, even the litter basket, we should keep it practical and beautiful, whose styles are fine with ourselves and in line with that of our entire family. Well, you would be deeply impressed by wicker hand-woven baskets in colors, which sometimes combined with plastics and wood supplies. Seemingly contradictory to you, isn't it? Certainly not!

This seeming paradox can be viewed as a controversial design - shall we make such a complicated-design product on earth for the dirty garbage containers applied to contain our family and office rubbish and trash? Designer said YES, in any case, it looks very pleasing to eyes. Designed by German designer, Cordula Kehrer, this waste basket is a combination of rattan supplies and plastics.

The kind of baskets that also use natural willow stems to make appear to have a trendy look that is fresh and lovely for it's printing with beautiful decorative patterns in colorful plastics.

However, it's not the first time to enter our line of sight, read the following reports and then you'll get more about wicker baskets.

Reports from http://roll.sohu.com:

To sort waste is difficult, because the basket is too expensive?

In Guangzhou City, a provision of MSW waste sorting has been implemented more than six months, but the reporter has found that some of the properties currently faced with phenomenon that it's too high in baskets for refuse sorting, as a result of that, the local communities have found many difficulties promoting the program.

Some residential property management complained, "All the garbage baskets' cost have been paid by the property management, we're really unaffordable, and if the government does not subsidize it, we'll just improve the fees, but it's impossible to improve property management fees anyhow."

Yet, the problem is now partly solved. The reporter found that some of the communities in old city of Guangdong have well done in cost saving while also bringing waste sorting work a new life to the full by way of repainting the old rubbish baskets.

Green Appeal - Put household garbage where they should be:

Recyclable materials include four categories, namely paper, metal, plastic and glass. Among them, recyclable materials including paper, metal, plastic should be uniformly reclaimed in one trash bin. Use green bins to collect the recyclable, buff ones for glass.

Use red bins to collect hazardous wastes, which include five kinds, respectively, lamp, battery, abandoned daliy chemicals, waste electronic products, other products containing ingredients such as mercury, lead (Pb), cadmium and other heavy metals.

Construction waste mainly refer to unwanted things generated in home decorating of all kinds of buildings, structures, residue, disposable materials and other waste. NOTE: Set the temporary dump sites near collection points, and build the fences, and leave with delivery instructions and phone number for contact.

Other wastes mainly include kitchen wastes, toilet paper generated by residents, whose garbages are the main component of house garbage. Use the blue bins or blue garbage baskets to collect.

New trash cans like these:


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