Weaving of Woven Straws, Wickers,Rattans and Bamboo
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Weaving of Woven Straws, Wickers,Rattans and Bamboo

A synergy between realism and romnticism, folk weaving art is a gentle idyll, a folk song with lingering aftersound and a friend that links modern man to the nature.

Weaving art in the new age represents a perfect marriage between industrial form and cultural form. It sheds a spotlight on the fusion between man and nature, expresses a new conception of technological culture and brings bumanistic thought into a modern and high-techera.

The history of Chinese folk art tradition can be traced back to nearly 10000 years ago, one half of which is the natural development in a primitive society, the other half a conscious development in a civilized society, thus forming its own system.This is rarely seen in any other country and/or nation. Developed ancient agriculture and handicraft industry created the ancient civilization of the Chinese nation.

An art with a primary nature, folk art is the spontaneous creation of the general public and derived from everyday life. It constitutes a fundamental level of the national culture. Basketry of natural plants is a popular and practical craftwork. Thanks to an evolution of nearly 10000 years, it now has a ptofound cultural connotation, a large number of renowned craftsmen and a wide range of varieties. It has become a craftwork that pleases people’s vision. A basket of woven rattans can both hold things and serve as an ornament.

A Japanese scholar of “folk art”explains it as “an object that is made primarily to serve a practical purpose and the life of the people.” As he sees it, only by combining with beauty can labor reproduce its beauty and only the beauty brought by labor can be connected to a sound life. Natural basketry is exactly one of the forms of a perfect marriage between labor and beauty.

The vast territory and many ethnic groups of China enable the basketry-included folk artworks to be new, different and colorful.

Weaving of woven straws, wickers,rattans and bamboo oiginate in the production and life of the laboring people. They are economical and practical tools and utensils. Meanwhile, they are also nice handicrafts that constitute an important part of the Chinese folk art. In so far as art classification is concerned, they belong to formative art and spatial art.

Folk basketry features a widespread distribution, long history, wide range of varieties and versatility. Hence its extensive presence among the masses of people .

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