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How to Buy Wholesale Baskets?

There are many businesses that need reliable, economical sources of wholesale commercial and decorative baskets. Baskets are an essential element in the finished product of many businesses, can be a separate merchandise offering or can be a utility item for things such as fruits and vegetables. Florists, garden centers, retailers, and gift basket suppliers all use baskets as a regular part of their business.

Finding Wholesale Baskets Sources

Basket buyers can find wholesale sources for baskets by attending trade shows for the gift and floral industry, in the classified advertising in the backs of gift and floral industry magazines, and in the phone book under "wholesalers" A quick Internet search under "wholesale baskets" will turn up many wholesale baskets suppliers. Asking other companies or people in the know for recommendations for good wholesale sources is another option.

How to Buy Wholesale Baskets

Normally, wholesale buyers present a sales tax identification number to vendors to qualify for wholesale pricing. Many buyers also use purchase orders, lists of what they are ordering on company letterhead with contact information, billing information, and other important documentation of the order. A minimum order quantity is required by many companies that sell wholesale, and sometimes credit is extended for continued ordering. There are other ways to buy wholesale baskets, such as through warehouse clubs.

Establishing Vendor Contacts

To establish vendor contacts with basket wholesalers, call and ask about minimum order quantity required, what forms of payment are accepted, what the payment terms are (wholesalers may be willing to bill with terms such as "payment must be received within ten days of invoicing"), what is the return policy, and if there is a specific sales representative to handle orders. Call 10 to 20 suppliers that have quality baskets, noting their policies, ask about customers' experience with them, and compare them to decide which ones offer the best product, service and terms.

Managing Wholesale Buying

Carefully manage business credit and expenses when buying wholesale baskets. For owners of small or new businesses who don't have a business credit history, vendors may require credit card payment for a certain period of time before extending credit and invoicing orders. Vendors may withhold orders for nonpayment or late payment, so use good accounting and payment procedures to ensure an uninterrupted of supplies when needed.

Country of Origin

Many baskets are imported from China, Africa, and other countries for the wholesale trade. Although fewer in number, there are some American basket manufacturers. If country of origin is important, look for baskets wholesalers that specialize in products from specific countries or that deal directly with the manufacturer.


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