Doing laundry in a magical basket
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Doing laundry in a magical basket

Where to tidy up your dirty laundry? A basket of laundry everyday is made to be washed, and collecting this perpetual load of soiled garments and everyday attire in a dirty laundry basket is not decoratively savvy. Rather, there are several ways to use a clothes hamper that doesn't stand out as a laundry eyesore.

Buy From the Store

Store purchased hampers are designed with lids and vented sides. They come in a variety of colors and may fit in the bathroom or in a closet out of the way. Some hampers are plastic while others are covered with fabric and have padded lids.

Maybe you have a storage bin that you're not using. Though not as streamlined in appearance as the hampers available in the stores, you may be able to fit a laundry sack over its rim and use it for your laundry. Use the cover to keep the laundry out of sight.

A Storage Wicker Hamper

Look for a tall, large wicker basket that has a lid. This will make an excellent hamper and a nice room accent. Make or purchase a laundry sack--maybe white or a color to match your room décor--and fit it into the basket. Fold the sack over the edge to hold in place.

Build Your Own

If you're handy with a saw, drill and hammer, consider making your own hamper. You can add wheels to your hamper so it can be rolled under your vanity counter or into and out of a closet. Take the measurements--the height, width and depth of your hamper space, so that your hamper on wheels will fit in just right.

Using your measurements, make a simple box from plywood that is at least ½ inch thick. Use wood glue to secure all your sides and screw them together. Screw four 2-inch furniture wheels to the bottom. Sand or round over your corners and edges with a router. Sand and cover with polyurethane, or paint your hamper to match your décor.

Great Solution & Winter Laundry Tips

Find a strong cardboard box that has a good height and width. Fold in the flaps to strengthen the top edge of the box. Take a thick, black plastic bag and make sure that it can fit into and fold over the box's sides. With the bag folded over the sides, use packaging tape to secure the plastic bag's top edge to the outside of the box.

Decorate the outside of your box with wrapping paper. Measure the height of your box to just over the black plastic bag. Add a few inches to allow room to fold the edge of the wrapping paper over. Use clear packaging tape to tape the wrapping paper all the way around the top of the box, right over the plastic bag. This way, the wrapping paper will conceal the edge of the plastic bag. Tape the wrapping paper's bottom edge to the bottom edge of the box. Leave the bottom of the box exposed. Now your decorated and lined cardboard box can function as your temporary hamper.


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