Creative craft making for for kids on holidays
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Creative craft making for for kids on holidays

AFTER the coiled paper pots project was published in this column, a reader wrote in with a request to buy them. I told her that it was really very easy to make one – just follow the diagrams and steps described. She sent a note of thanks with a promise to try!

That got me cracking my brains for an even easier container to make than those pots. So if you are a lazy crafter with a creative urge to satisfy, then this chunky holiday basket making project made with newspaper is one for you to try out. Twirl a few rolled-up magazine straws around the rim and weave a few around the sides to add some colour to the basket. If you are really that lazy, do without these extra touches and forget about attaching the plastic bottle cap to the bottom too!

You need:

    6 single sheet newspaper (Mingguan MStar)
    20 sheets A4 magazine pages or flyers
    Round plastic bottle lid – 6cm wide
    Piercing tool and pliers
    10 sen coin
    One-hole punch
    Craft needle (with big eye)
    PVA glue

Basket making

1. Fold the sheet of newspaper in half from top to bottom, and crease the line in the middle. Unfold. Fold the top and bottom to the middle line. Do that twice more. Squeeze glue along the bottom section and fold the top over to stick them firmly together into a strip. It is about 2.5cm wide.

Make six strips with the newspaper.

2. Position a newspaper strip across another in the middle and glue them together. Make three sets of crossed strips.

3. Glue the three sets of crossed strips together in the middle to form the base of the basket.

4. Cut four sheets of magazine pages into half along the length. Fold the strip into half and crease the line in the middle. Unfold. Fold the sides inward to the middle line. Squeeze glue along one side. Fold the other side over it and press to stick them firmly together.

Make 8 magazine strips. Then cut them into half.

5. Fold the ends of the newspaper strips upwards. Apply glue to the ends on the inside and stick a magazine strip to three of the newspaper strips, to hold them up vertically. Glue another magazine strip over the end of the first strip and stick the ends of another two newspaper strips to it.

Repeat in the same way until the inner rim of the basket is completed.

6. Apply glue along the outside of the rim of the basket. Stick the magazine strips over it, working in the same way as step 5 to cover the rim on the outside.

7. Cut six sheets of magazine pages into quarters along the length. Roll up each strip into a straw and secure the ends with glue.

8. Follow the diagram to glue the end of a paper straw onto the inside of the rim where the newspaper stake is. Bend the straw over to the outside of the rim and glue it down diagonally across.

9. Bend the straw into the inside and glue it to the rim. Bend the straw over and glue it across on the outside and glue the end to the back under the rim. In the same way, decorate the rim where the other stakes are joined to it.

10. Use the 10 sen coin as a template to draw and cut out 12 circles from a magazine page. Punch out 12 dots from a magazine page, (contrasting colour to the circles) with the one-hole punch. Glue the dots in the middle of the circles. Then glue the circles around the outside of the rim of the basket, in between the paper straw crosses.

11. Place a pair of paper straws, one on the inside ad one on the outside of the basket stake. Glue them in place, about halfway down the basket. Cross them to sandwich the next stake. Glue in place. Continue in this way until you come to the end of the straws. Begin to weave another pair of paper straws to the subsequent stakes until you have finished decorating the basket.

For more kids baskets making tips, look no further on

12. Pierce a set of holes at the base of the basket and the round plastic bottle lid. This takes a bit of effort, as you have to apply pressure to pierce through the layers of newspaper. Thread the string into the needle and poke it from inside out, to attach the plastic bottle lid to the base of the basket. Tie the ends on the inside of the basket with a double knot.


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