Basket creation for fun
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Basket creation for fun

Want to turn your old magazine into a pretty basket? Starting today, we’ll show you how you can make useful items, using mostly recycled materials, basket creations all by yourself.

The finished product.
A FELLOW nature nut once showed me how to make a basket out ofmagazine pages. Roll up lots of paper and then weave them into shape. What could be easier than that, or so I thought.

The papers have to be rolled into long thin straws, with one end tapering to a fine tip. I was making short and fat straws. The more I tried, the fatter they seemed to get. It was exasperating indeed to admit that such a simple action was challenging. I was rolling my eyes in defeat when, all of a sudden, I was rolling up a nice slender straw. My fingers had found the right “feel”! From then on, it was fun.

That first basket I made was far from nice, but it looked like a basket all right. From that introduction to making baskets out of recycled magazines, I have since woven lots more than I can count. And yes, I can now roll those papers while watching TV, the way some ladies can knit, watch canto-soap operas and weep all at the same time! It’s all in the touch ...

All kinds of magazines can be used. However, beginners will find it easier to roll soft and thin pages like those of the Astro magazines and Ikea catalogues. When your fingers have attained higher degrees of dexterity, try using the more glossy magazines and promotional leaflets.

Make sure you roll up lots of paper straws before you start on your project. You can pick up paper straws at random to make a colourful basket, or you can sort them according to the colour you want your basket to be.

From recycled magazines

You need:
    PVA glue
    20 pieces A4-size magazine pages

Stage 1: Rolling paper straws

1. Fold magazine pages into half, lengthwise. Cut out.

2. Lightly roll up the pile of papers from side to side lengthwise, release and roll up again. Your papers will curl slightly.

3. Begin to roll each piece of paper into straws. Lightly roll the curled edge back and forth. This action sets your paper and makes rolling easy. Roll up your paper and apply a dot of glue to secure your straws. One end of the straw should taper to a tip.

Stage 2: Weaving a basket

1. Place 3 straws on the table and place another 3 horizontally over them to form a cross.

2. Take the right straw from beneath. This is your “weaving straw”. Bend it over all 3 horizontal straws on the right.

3. Push the straw under all the next 3 straws. Then place it over the 3 horizontal straws on the left. Push it under the 2 remaining straws. When the “weaving straw” gets too short, poke another straw firmly into the end.

4. Repeat weaving for another round.

5. Spread out all your straws evenly to form “spokes”.

6. Begin by taking your weaving straw over the first spoke, then under the next.

7. Repeat until you have a round base measuring 10cm in circumference. Flip your base over.

8. You will now weave from the left to right. Push all the 11 spokes to an upright position. Continue weaving to form the sides (walls) of your basket.

* Don’t worry if the first woven round keeps lifting up and the spokes keep moving. After 2 to 3 rounds, the “weaving straw” will stay down and the spokes will stay straight.

9. Weave until the wall is 5-6cm high or until 2cm of the spokes are above the wall. Tuck the weaving straw into the rim and glue the end. Bend all the spokes down to the right, tuck them into the rim and secure with glue.

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