Basket crafts - new present choices for girls and kids
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Basket crafts - new present choice for girls and kids

Flower baskets are used in many capacities. Flower girls in weddings often carry a basket full of flowers or flower petals. Easter baskets and May baskets brim with fresh flowers. Sometimes, flower baskets are just used as a decorative element in your home. The options for style are as endless as there are flowers in the world. Consider a few ideas on flower basket crafts you might want to try.

Flower Girl Basket

Flower girl baskets should not only match the theme of the wedding, but fit the size of the child. For a delicate and feminine flower girl basket, spray paint a small wicker basket white. Add organza and satin ribbons to the sides of the handle. Fill the basket with silk flowers. Spray with hairspray and sprinkle the basket with glitter for added sparkle.
Easter Basket of Flowers

A simple wicker basket filled with potted pansies and other potted flowers is a thoughtful gift. Potted plant recipients receive a gift that will keep on giving after eggs rot and candy is consumed. Put coordinating satin bows on the sides of the baskets or use an Easter-themed ribbon to create a large bow for the top of the handle.

Paper Flower Craft

Cover a small box in brown paper and use a black marker to draw a wicker basket pattern on it. For a small basket of flowers, use a paper clip box or something similar. If you are going to make a larger basket, try a cheese box. After your box is covered, draw simple five-petal flowers on construction paper and cut them out. Attach flower heads to a green pipe cleaner and attach pipe cleaner to the inside of the box for a handmade paper flower basket.

Painted Cardboard Basket

Cut out pictures of flowers from magazines and old calendars. Paint glue onto a sturdy box and attach the flower pictures you have found in a collage onto the box. Once dry, put a coat of decoupage on the box to seal. Line the inside of the box with felt if you desire. Attach a braided yarn handle by punching holes on either side of the box, inserting the yarn, and tying a knot. Enjoy your new flower basket crafts as a magazine holder or tote.


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