A visit to rattan furniture market
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A visit to rattan furniture market

Crafted home furnishing stores seemed to be particularly prominent, in home decor stores  surrounded by a number of solid wood or wooden plate home decorations. Stepping into shops, I was greeted with a rich natural smell of plants mixed with a Southeast-Asia style of decorating, especially in scorching summer, crafted rattan furniture come fresh and quiet yet elegant, bringing out the best in each other for leisurely summer's style and atmosphere. Purchase a few pieces and place in the living room to enjoy a quiet, cool summer time.

Price depends on the material quality, the use of materials and workmanship

I got the impression that rattan furniture had reached highest in prices. Reporters visited several rattan furniture stores, and the price was indeed found to be higher than that of other material.

In a store, a rattan table set with four chairs is smaller than the average solid wood dining table, but price more than a million yuan. Even a small rattan cabinet is is priced at about in five  thousand or so. Staff told reporters that the kind of rattan furniture are woven with the agate vine, produced in Indonesia, which is known as the most expensive and finest rattan material.

But in an other store, the same rattan double bed as the one in former store is sold at 8,000 yuan, 50% of that. Clerks said that it mainly based on the material quality, the use of materials and workmanship.

Cane stems produced in Indonesia is preferred for furniture making, because Indonesia's unique tropical climate and year-round sunshine, abundant rainfall and natural conditions enable rattan to be full, shapely and with firm texture, flexible rattan. In addition, Indonesia vine is featured with poor thermal conductivity, keeping itself cool in summer but warm in winter, which is most suitable supplies for production of rattan furniture.

Which kinds of cane used for rattan furniture often fundamentally decide what levels the prices are, while the material is also a factor in price decision.

Rattan furniture available in the market are broadly divided into two types. One is pure rattan furniture, of which cane supplies are mainly employed as materials, sometimes mixed with or decorated with wood accessories. The other is the kind of furnishing made of wood-based, supplemented rattan materials. Observes according to reporter, the latter is higher than the former at least 1 / 3 in price.

In the process, most rattan furniture are labeled "Handwoven" by sellers, because the hand-craft will uplift products worth naturally. A clerk told reporters, hand-woven and woven by machinery have not particularly obvious distinguishing marks, the "flat sets may be much likely to be woven by machines such as the desktop of rattan round tables and others."

How to choose rattan furniture?

Avoid the "dark color" trap and focus on well-known brands

As rattan furniture is not that popular among the mass, for average consumers they would have not always enough knowledge on how to choose rattan furniture. Reporters learned from a clerk, who said, trick in selecting right rattan furniture is to try not to buy a special "deep color" furniture.

"As hand-weaving rattan furniture, hands will go as ratan really shape, but if it is by machine, which will be roughly dragged, making rattan fiber easy to be damaged and even broken. Some manufacturers will be possible to cover upon a dark paint on the damaged vines, basically behaving shoddy in the sale and deceiving consumers. "

The clerk said it will be difficult for consumers to determine the merits of quality through by its cover or feel in the hand. In addition to choose a well-known brand in terms of quality of products can provide some protection, the consumer can grasp rattan furniture's edges with both hands, gently shake and feel whether its frame is stable or not.

How to maintain and clean cane furniture?

Very sensitive to high temperatures and cleaning and maintaining more often

"Under normal circumstances, you can use them for 15 to 20 years." A clerk told reporters. She said that rattan furniture made by modern techniques is not as widely considered as "fragile". "Some people think that the northern dry climate will affect the life of rattan furniture, now, wet and dry problems processing keeping help manufacturers of rattan sets dong such troubles in place. Both summer and winter, dry regions and wet ones, rattan furniture can be used normally. "

There are many small holes in rattan sets, as a result of that, many people think this is more difficult to take care of the furniture. According to reports, a layer of anti-dust paint on the surface maintains it clean or usually, you can just wipe with a damp cloth to keep clean. For dust inside the holes, you can clean with a soft brush. After a period of time, salt water can be used to wipe the furniture, both for decontamination and for a lasting flexibility, as well as for certain anti-crisp, anti-insect effect.

Rattan furniture is most vulnerable to sharp things, avoid keys and other things.

One of fop ideas for rattan furniture maintenance is to sit. To continuously use not only give it a  charm of vicissitudes, also is conducive to maintaining the toughness. In the process of using and storage, you should avoid close contact with fire, heat, and do not leave it in the sun for a long time exposure.


1. Rattan furniture is one of the oldest varieties of furniture in the world, which is first  brought into Europe by merchants in the 17th century.

2. In China, rattan furniture enjoys a long time of history.

3. Rattan cane began to be used to make rattan furniture in an early time. Yunnan rattan ware has become a fine kind of the crafts. Tengchong County enjoys the highest reputation of rattan ware in China.


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